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Mountain Mobile 24-Hour Pet Hospitalization & Monitoring

Cat with leg bandages

Mountain Mobile Veterinary Hospital is proud to be the first in Missoula to offer home-based veterinary care and 24-hour hospitalization and monitoring services for cats, dogs, and small furry companion animals.

Dr. Felz has extensive experience in taking care of critically ill pets. With specialized training in critical care, emergency medicine, and pain management, Dr. Felz is able to provide a higher standard of care to pets recovering from trauma, surgery, or illness that requires overnight critical care. Hospitalized pets will be cared for personally by Dr. Felz overnight. He will provide advanced care and treatments that can’t be done at home to ensure a rapid and complete recovery.

What to Expect

At Mountain Mobile, we understand that overnight hospitalization can be stressful for both you and your pet. Rest assured that we are committed to providing advanced personalized veterinary care for your pet using the latest medical equipment and technology to ensure their safety. You and your pet will have one-to-one attention from Dr. Felz at all times while in his care.

Dr. Felz will carefully monitor your pet’s vital signs and internal condition as they recover, and administer IV fluids and pain medications to ensure your pet is comfortable and at ease for the duration of their stay.

We provide around-the-clock attention, with regular updates as necessary throughout the recovery period. Depending on your pet’s condition, you can send toys and blankets for the overnight stay but we ask that your pet’s personal items are clean and unsoiled to prevent any risk of infection.

Mountain Mobile Veterinary Hospital is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the Montana Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA). Your pet’s health is our main priority, and we strive to provide the highest quality veterinary care possible.

To learn more about our 24-hour hospitalization and skilled monitoring services, please contact us.