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Mountain Mobile Diagnostic Imaging

Dog's ultrasound

At Mountain Mobile Veterinary Hospital, our commitment to providing top-quality medical care for cats and dogs in Missoula is unmatched. We aspire to the traditional method of making personal house calls, enhanced with 21st century advancements in modern pet medicine.

Mountain Mobile brings modern diagnostic imaging technology right to your doorstep. Our specially designed mobile hospital is furnished with the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and testing equipment, including digital x-ray and ultrasound. Dr. Felz offers on-site imaging services, saving precious time in diagnosing illness and administering effective treatment for your pet.

Digital X-Ray

Digital x-ray technology provides detailed images of your pet’s internal systems. Dr. Felz uses digital x-rays to diagnose medical conditions that are potentially affecting your pet’s lungs, bones, heart, abdomen, or reproductive and urinary systems. Digital x-ray images are also used during your pet’s dental cleaning to show a clear image above and below the gum line.

Mountain Mobile operates a mobile lab and all digital x-ray images are quickly processed to allow for an accurate diagnosis and a customized treatment plan. Dr. Felz also has access to a Mobile pet CT machine, for advanced images and evaluation of structures that may be difficult to assess with x-ray alone.


Ultrasound technology is a painless, non-invasive imaging technique that improves the diagnosis of internal medical conditions in animals. Mountain Mobile offers ultrasound exams for cats and dogs at your doorstep, saving you a stressful car ride. Dr. Felz offers ultrasound services to diagnose pregnancy and other reproductive conditions, evaluate structures within the abdominal cavity such as the liver, kidneys, spleen, urinary bladder, intestines, stomach, pancreas, and lymph nodes. Ultrasound can detect problems which may not be seen on x-rays alone.

To learn more about our mobile ultrasound and digital x-ray services, please contact us or schedule an appointment online.